Lighting Designer, Programming
Specializing in SMPTE/MIDI Time code tracks

Lead Theater Electrican
Onsite Show Power Management

Areal Platform Operator
Forklift Operator

Follow Spot operator


Rope Access Work


What is eqrunner?

equipment runner derived from days of the past of one man running to pick up and place equipment over a vast area of green...

Today eqrunner is the name for a person who is willing work far further than the basic box pusher. A person wanting to put that extra effort into the tasks at hand. The person willing to run as long and as hard as needed to create smiles of enjoyment and satisfaction in every thing they do.


portfolio ist

[Lighitng Design]
[Rope Access]
[Follow Spot]
[Lighitng Design]
[Lighitng Design]
[Rope Access]
[Lighitng Design]
[Lighitng Design]
[Lighitng Design]


Rope Access
OSHA 30 - Genral Industrial Safety and Health
OSHA 10 - Construction Safety and Health

Areal Work Platform Operator Training ANSI A92.3, A92.5, A92.6 AWP
Mannuall Propelled Boom, Sissor

Forklift Operator Traning
ASME/ANSI B56.6, B56.1
Rough Terrain Fork, Industrial Fork Lift

eqrunner inc carries own Commerical General Liability, and Workers Compensation insurance.