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With today's technology LED fixtures have hit the market running. But one area where they haven't been thought about to much is the console market.

While using the WholeHog2 platform, I have found the need to create my own library file for LED lights to accuracy represent them.

The following code will work with Hog 500/1000 and WholeHog2 platform consoles. I haven't created an update for the Hog3 platform yet.

Copy the following code to your _lib.lib file. If you have other custom fixtures, make sure you count is corrected.

WARNING: If adding to a new show, make sure each parameter has the line
kind = +
The hog doesn't know what Fred, Forange, Fgreen etc is. If you don't tell it that its a '+' control, it will discard it. Forgot? see below how to fix


parameter = Fred new parameter. Will be categorized as a intensity, (no longer a color)
default = 0 Starting value
highlight = 255 When in highlight, Full intensity (causes the unit to display white)
crossfade = 0 cross fades as you fade.
type = htp8bit Highest Takes Prescience. Highest value across faders will take dominance
range = 0, 255 range will show from 0 to 255, not percents. Helps when trying to match a color via RGB Color pallet values (ex: Amber 255,191,0)
kind = + Adds new fixture parameter to hog as a intensity

Library file will show up in Generic fixture group

Forgot the + ?

How to fix it: Open up the FUNCTION.TXT file in the library folder. Add in the following lines to the bottom of the txt file:

This will tell the console that Fred is an intensity control and will react to fader action.



I would suggest setting your fader to HTP setting. If I have a simple show, and a bunch of LED lights in the room, and need/want to 'free style' the mixing via faders. I record
Fader 1 with fixtures at 255 0 0
Fader 2 with fixtures at 0 255 0
Fader 3 with fixtures at 0 0 255
That way i can cross mix the colors depending on the mood. Just a suggestion, play around yourself.


+ Intensity - Will react to the fader control
F Focus control, Used for Pan/Tilt and other categories under the Intensity Button
C Color Parameter
B Beam Para miter