- Highly motivated, creative, and versatile in the stage tech industry.
- Especially skilled at building productive working relationships with other staff.
- Seeking a challenging position to gain knowledge and additional experience along with exchanging present experiences with others to increase their knowledge.

= Design 'on the fly' Lighting Plots and Designs
= Master Electrician operation and leadership
= Skilled Spot op/Spot Monkey
= Steel Climber
= Coordinated lighting, sound, and stage crews for various productions
= Designed and created own lighting cues for all productions
= Catered to outside organizations with productions using in house venues
= Toured with local bands.


High End Hog Operator.
- WholeHog3, Road Hog, Road Boar, WholeHog2, Hog3PC, Hog2PC, Hog1000, Hog500
- Own and operate personal Hog3PC/Hog2PC system
- Fixture Library rebuilding, creation
- HogNet and ArcNet Network Setup and Operation

-in process of gaining more experience operating and programming.

Fixture knowledge/experience with:
High End: StudioColor575, Track Spot, TrackSpotFiberCurtian, XSpot, RoboColor1220
Martin: Mac250, Mac550, Mac2000Profile, Mac2000Wash, Mac2000Professional, Pro4000, JemZr33
Elation: 250DesignSpots, 575Design Spots
Selador: X724
Color Kinetics: ColorBlast 12, ColorBursts, Color Blazes
Chroma-Q Color Blocks


6+ year - Corporate sessions, Ballroom meetings and Dinner settings
Small and Large Corporate Meetings, Small and Large size Corporate Dinners.
Responsibilities: Lighting Designer, Hog OP, Master Electrician, Setup/Strike
Clients/Events: White House, President George W. Bush; Vice President Dick Cheney; First Lady Laura Bush; Democratic Nation Convention 2008; Ruben Studdard; Washington
Correspondents; Radio and TV Correspondents; Women in Film; National Council Negro Women; Military Guard; Howard University; Air Force Reserve; American College of Physicians; plus other
not listed.

10+ years - Entertainment Tech
50+ Theater Shows Completed
Types: Musicals, Drama's, Stunt Shows, Motivational, Single and Multi band concerts, Dance Exhibitions and Competitions, Miss Maryland Display Pageants, Special Events
Responsibilities: Lighting Designer, Lighting Operator, Production Manager, Stage Manager, Stage Crew, Sound Board Operator, Audio Engineer, Class B Flame Operator, Sound Effects,
DJ, Emcee, Pyro Apprentice

2 years - Facility Maintenance Personnel
Maintain Facility lighting (Incandescent, Florescent, Multi-vapor, Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium); 120/208/277/480V Single and Three Phase Experience; Automated Timers and
controls; Relays, Contacts, Starters install; Analog Telephone Systems maintenance; PA system, Forklift Operation, Boom Lift Operator; Scissor Lift Operator;

2 years - Audio/Video Installer
Plasma Screens; Audio and Video switchers; Projections; AMX touch panel control; Video Dubbing; Speaker Install

Mirage Entertainment, Six Flags America, Warner Brothers, DC Comics, Silver Tree Productions, WJLT, PSAV, AHVQ, Alliance, Event EQ, Swank AV, IEP, BSL, Atmosphere.

2001 High School Diploma
Outstanding Citizenship Award: “Highest ideals of character and citizenship”
Certificate of Meritorious Service: “Exemplary service to your community and dedications to applying academic skills through service learning projects to solve real community problems.”
Project COPE: "...Member in good standing, leadership, problem solving, communication, self-esteem, trust, decision making, and team work."